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Concrete 24/7

CMIX specialises in the supply and delivery of high quality fresh concrete in Glasgow and all over Central Scotland. Our concrete is mixed on site using the latest technology in volumetric concrete mixers

Fresh Concrete 24/7

Fresh Concrete 24/7

Since the concrete is made on the spot, the water/cement ratio is exact. There is never a need to add water to old mix. This means the concrete can achieve its peak strength.

Multiple Mixes and Sumps

Multiple Mixes & Sumps

If the job requires different mixes, that's no problem. Each is made as needed. Slump can change as well. The mix can go from wet to dry and back to wet again.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

If you don’t need it we don’t make it. There is no costly under or over ordering and no wasted concrete to dispose of on site.


Out of hours are expensive. The volumetric mixer makes night work and weekend work more efficient, requiring only one man and the truck, not a plant, driver and batch staff. We also specialize in offering the flexible solutions to clients and contractors that have to operate during unusual times. Our out-of-hours service at weekends and at night means that we can extend our working area further afield.

Our Truck


We have a proven track record when working on large-scale industrial projects because we know that each individual job is different. At CMIX, we mix concrete for a range of industrial purposes and create a mix based on the precise requirements of your business.


There are a host of different needs for concrete for agricultural use. Whatever you’re looking for, CMIX can provide a mix ready to be used on the farm. Because each mix is tailored to you, we can create exactly what you’re looking for.


Whether you’re planning to add a shed, garage, conservatory, or some form of extension to your property, CMIX can provide the right mix for you. Our ability to create smaller amounts of concrete means that we can provide the amount you need with no waste.

The advantages of Volumetric

Volumetric is the most efficient and eco-friendly way to mix concrete. You only mix the amount that you need meaning there is no waste, and if you over order, any unmixed product is always usable. Our concrete is mixed on-site, meaning no matter how far away you are, the product you use is always fresh. The volumetric truck can deliver a mix to the desired specifications quickly and accurately at any time.

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You can get a quote using the form below, filling in all required fields. Alternatively contact us by email at info@cmix.co.uk or telephone on 01360 551 042. Our business is currently based in West Central Scotland, get in touch to find out if we supply in your area.

Delivery Areas

We deliver our product in the following areas: Lanark, Biggar, Carluke, Crawford, Lesmahagow, Larkhall, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, the Borders and Stirlingshire. However, if you don’t see your area listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can arrange delivery in your area.